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Before all of the votes are counted, Danny predicts the winner of the Democratic primary and discusses the impact of the coronavirus. 

Danny shares his thoughts about the Democratic primary before the votes are counted on Super Tuesday!  Danny T was also on Civil Politics during Super Tuesday!   

What happens when you mix Civil Politics with Collateral Banter? We spend an hour bantering about Mitt Romney, the global political crisis, free speech, and so much more. Enjoy!  L...

Danny delivers a passionate rebuttal of Bloomberg's explanation of the 2008 economic crisis, but fears that Mike's unlimited marketing budget makes him almost unstoppable. A billio...

Danny reviews the chaotic and historic week in American politics.  Enjoy. 

Danny predicts the results of the Iowa caucuses and reviews Masha Gessen's rules for surviving autocrats.   

Danny talks impeachment and wonders what will happen to American democracy if Trump wins re-election?  

Danny T. discusses the Warren and Saunders feud, higher education debate, and the rehearsed answers provided by the Democratic candidates. He concludes that President Trump has a v...

Danny overhears at a bookstore that "[President] Obama didn't accomplish anything" so he responds to that on this episode and chimes in on the Iran situation.   

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